Different types of fabrics worn in Pakistan

Different types of fabrics worn in Pakistan

There are so many different types of fabrics but due to different period of seasons all around the world makes it difficult to wear every single one of those fabrics, but luckily Pakistan is among st the few blessed nations of the world that is capable of experiencing all the four seasons through the year. For example, they have different types of Spring Summer Festive Collection for the month of Ramadan, and Eid Collection for our holy events. The following are the few best and the most popular variety of fabrics provided by Pakistani Brands.


Lawn is a lightweight, pure cloth, crunchier than voile but not as crunchy as organdy. Lawn is known for its semi-transparency, which can series from delicate or absolute to an almost milky effect, known as utility lawn. The gloss used on lawn ranges from soft to semi- crusty to crusty, but the textile never gets hard. Lawn can be white, but can be altered in different ways like having them dyed or even printed on.


Cotton is a permissive, delicate main fiber that develops in a ball, or a protecting case, it grows nearby the pips of the plants. The fiber is practically unadulterated cellulose. Under normal conditions, the cotton orbs will expand the scattering of the seeds.


Linen is solid and retentive, and dries quicker than cotton. In light of these attributes, material is agreeable to wear in sweltering climate and is esteemed for use in articles of clothing. It additionally has other unmistakable qualities, quite its propensity to wrinkle Many different items, including home outfitting things, are likewise frequently produced using material.


Velvet is a kind of interlaced tufted texture where the cut threads are equally conveyed, with a small thick pile, giving it a particularly gentle feel. By augmentation, the word smooth indicates "smooth like velvet." Velvet can be created using either engineered or common filaments.

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