Mizajstore is all set to launch its lawn collection!

Mizajstore is all set to launch its lawn collection!

Buying a lawn suit is like having fun in Pakistan for women when hot weather is around. With the combination of vibrant and beautiful colors in a wide range, lawn collection for hot weather is always a treat. Women tend to buy designers lawn suits and spend their summer with beautiful floral prints. As soon as the new collection is out, the craze of buying lawn gets bigger.

When the hot weather is near, online shopping stores in Pakistan are all set to launch their lawn collection for the year. Lawn suits have gained immense popularity among the women of Pakistan over the years and this madness for lawn has helped designers to come up with newer & fresh prints every year. Mizajstore has one of the finest lawn collection, any online store has ever had.

Among the various other fabrics, the craze for lawn is not unreal as it offers immense traits which other fabrics just don’t. Lawn was originated from France and was created from linen but later on after production of lawn shifted to the east, cotton was majorly used in the manufacture of lawn. Lawn made of cotton is not only soft but immensely breathable fabric and it offers fantastic appearance on every skin.

In summer or spring, lawn is not supposed to be a fabric but it’s a trend among the fashion stylists. They derive outstanding prints & patterns for women of every class as the love for lawn is endless. The fabric does not only propose variance in colors, pattern or designs but it also offers immense lightness in weight which helps an individual to feel very comfortable in extreme heat.

Considering the madness of lawn, Mizajstore, being one of the biggest online shopping stores in Pakistan proposed its collection and offers immense range of prints such as;

Designer Lawn – designer lawn is the choice of every woman of Pakistan irrespective of class, age or taste. It is not only because the lawn is associated with a designer name but it offers fantastic fabric quality and diversified patterns which make lawn appealing.

Embroidered Lawn – it was impossible to think of wearing an embroidered dress in hot weather until the lawn introduced. Lawn added the missing flavor to the fabric and made it possible to portray an embroidered design in spring or summer. At the same time, it also has become possible to carry your style & elegance while wearing an embroidered dress in hot temperatures.

Printed Lawn – modern trend is of digitally printed lawn which offers thousands of patterns with unlimited color combinations. With new collection every year, elegance of lawn has been maintained by designers while colors and prints are altered differently. The best thing in printed lawn suits are the variation of prints with different color combination available in large numbers.    

Mizajstore being the biggest online store in Pakistan, proposes one of the largest collection of lawn in hundreds of designs & colors. The collection is limitless including designer suits, embroidered, printed lawns or unstitched lawns.

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